Bar Counters, Bars & Concept Pubs

The bar. The heart of every pub. The place where the tapster “makes beer”. The place where hygiene, clean beer glasses, and a love of beer always have priority. The place that has been the flagship of the production programme of GS Technik for the past three decades.

At GS Technik, we produce the hearts of your pubs, restaurants, and bars. In the style of the First Republic, or in an ultra-modern style. At GS Technik, we can combine the ergonomics of the tap with your needs. We can offer the optimum variant for your current space, or according to any architectonic designs.

At GS Technik, we have extensive experience with a wide range of various materials and production processes. At GS Technik, we work quickly and effectively. And completely in 3D. We make scans using the LEICA 3D laser; we make designs and draw them in the Solid Works 3D programme.

At GS Technik, we design selected special tools ourselves (especially for the forming of sheets) to achieve the highest quality of the final product. At GS Technik, we will easily lead you through all phases of the decision-making and production processes. From measuring and technical assistance, to assembly and after-sales support.

Are you furnishing a new establishment?
Are you renovating or expanding your current premises?

Turn to the largest Czech specialist!

  • bar counter tops, bar counters (neutral), and bar counters (with preparation for panelling/custom finish)
  • refrigerated beer-tap and beverage cooling counters, refrigerated modules
  • folding cooling boxes (for the back areas of the premises) and under-table cooling boxes for kegs
  • cooling sinks for beer glasses (standard, with clarification equipment, for installation)
  • cooling sinks for drinks
  • mobile bar counters (module systems)
  • bartender counters
  • back counters
  • assortment of small products (portable drainboards, drainboards for installation or incorporation into the countertop, water taps for bar counters, glass rinsers)
  • assortment of small installation products (washers for tap heads, hole cover plates for tap heads, cylinder holders)

I need a bar counter as soon as possible

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Skladove vycepni stoly

I need to cool kegs in the back area or in the bar

Browse our offer of folding / under-table boxes for 2 – 16 kegs:
Refrigerated KEG boxes

I need a mobile bar counter

Browse our offer of module / compatible counters:
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Vycepni desky pulty a bary 2020

Panelling and custom finish materials – inspiration

Stainless-steel sheet, brass, copper, wood, decorative sheets, and more. Engraving, branding, forming, patination, and painting in the RAL colour scale.
Obkladove materialy