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Wine dispensers are produced by GS Technik spol. s r.o. since 2007 under the brand By The Glass®. This sophisticated stainless steel cooling device (now produced the second generation ) is used to store bottles of red and white wine and its pouring, the temperatures of both wines are independently controlled by two digital thermostats. “Tapped” wine bottles are protected from alteration or loss of flavour (due to oxidation) with inert gas. Wine dispensers have two separate air-conditioned sections that ensure the correct temperature of every poured glass of red or white wine.

Wine dispensers are made from stainless steel for food processing, the interior space for bottles of quality wine is spot lighted (for each bottle with the possibility to increase or dim the light). Wine dispensers are produced in countless adjustments for European, American or Australian market with a wide range of modification options:

  • cooling unit on the right/left or and ending for connection to a remote cooling unit
  • glass back part for better presentation of wines, spotlight
  • powder coating (a full range of RAL colors)
  • debit system (connecting the wine dispenser to the cash register)

Automatic wine dispenser is a very effective mean of promoting high-quality wines sold by the glass with obvious advantages for dealers and customers, including:

  • wine is always served at the correct temperature (red, white)
  • controlled pouring (sip, small glass, large glass)
  • minimum operation requirements
  • good quality and expensive wines have a presentation they deserve
  • exclusive opportunity to taste expensive wines without the need to buy a whole bottle, possibility to taste more wines

GS Technik Wine dispensers & wine coolers

Wine dispensers & wine coolers

GS Technik Wine dispensers - references
Wine dispensers – references

GS Technik spol. s r.o. produces stainless steel wine coolers with a strong emphasis on custom designs in its own production program. Wine coolers are assembled from individual modules,wines are stored horizontally in elegant holders, necks facing each other. This is a standard, common to all the wine coolers from GS Technik production:

  • stainless steel design (with the option of powder coating – range of RAL colors), high manufacturing standard
  • glass doors with insulated glass, heated door frame by a heating cable, magnetic seal
  • LED lighting, adjustable legs
  • preservation of white wines, red wines or determining the ratio of these wines (divided by a partition, each part is cooled to the desired temperature)